What's Your Creative Innovation Quotient?

Every organization, including yours, is innovating ... at some level of expertise. If you want to improve your innovation capabilities, however, you need to know where to focus your efforts.

Should you create a new training program or look at the compensation system?

Do you need a new system for capturing ideas, or would better methods of managing projects have more impact?

The questions are endless ... and that's why an Innovation Assessment can help.

An Innovation Assessment is designed to help you identify your biggest gaps in creative innovation. It gives you a way to begin conversations and create action plans based on solid information. Even the exercise of taking an audit begins a process of understanding as participants think about and answer simple, straightforward questions.

The Innovation Assessment is available online so that participants can take it quickly and easily. The feedback report highlights the gaps that are most worth looking at and gives you specific ideas for addressing those areas.

A True 360 Audit: Customers and Suppliers

An Innovation Assessment also offers you the opportunity to gain insight from customers and suppliers. Include your customers and suppliers in the audit process and see if what you and your organization think matches with the outside world.

Next Steps

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